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The AntiSF Radio Show Sombrero Galaxy

Welcome, sentients far and wide, this is the AntipodeanSF Radio Show Sombrero Galaxy, and I am Nuke, your host and editor. Thanks for lending your processing power to the apprehension of these speculative audio tales. It’s story time, folks. And as for the sombrero, it’s only about a third of the size of our own monster, but it’s bright, with a prominent dust lane. Take a look, and perhaps visit some time. It’s only 31 million light years distant. But let’s come home.

In today’s show we’ll hear from two first-timers here at AntiSF, Colby Smith and Pamela Jeffs, and you’ll hear the next installment in “The Fall and Rise Of The Short Story”, a panel discussion from Contact 2016.

In This Show:

  • Flesh Is Frost Is Dust — by Colby Smith
  • Air And Water — by Pamela Jeffs
  • Panel presentation "The Fall & Rise Of The Short Story", at Contact 2016 — Simon Brown, Angela Slatter, Cat Sparks, Tehani Wessely, Rob Taylor (part 4)


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Gregoire Lourme - Cinematic Volumes 1 to 8 - - “Fire, Arrow & Shields”. Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike CC BY-NC-SA

Contact 2016 Team - Permission to take and reproduce various Panel Audio Recordings

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