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The AntipodeanSF Radio Show 184

G'day fellow flash speculative fiction readers and listeners. Welcome. Thanks for joining me for another show. I'm Nuke, your host and editor, and my sage advice, if I may be so bold as to give it, is to open your ears. This is the AntiSF Radio Show 184, featuring the stories from Issue number 184 of the online magazine and e-reader version, which can be found at: <>

Do I hear a question? From the depths of space? Perhaps the rumbling of thunder from the clouds of Jupiter? Well, it's okay to listen to that, but don't forget to keep listening to this show -- because, to paraphrase another well known escape artist's podcast, blatantly, it's storytime. 

Coming up in this show, then, you will hear 9, that's right, three squared pieces of fiction from various Antipodean authors including Kathryn Yuen, Ed Errington, DW Walker, Leonie Rogers, Mark Webb and Wes Parish. In the anti-antipodean scribe department, we welcome some longer fiction from Sean Johnston, a shorty Post-Apolocalyptic nasty from Leslie Blake, and a bracket of fine poetry by the talented Anna Sykora.  

All of this fine prose is swaddled in some equally exquisite incidental music from Grgoire Lourme, who we've heard from before on the AntiSF Radio show. The feature track from Grgoire today is "Robot Supremacy Action", kinda fitting for a speculative fiction show if you ask me.

Any other questions?

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