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Welcome to the AntipodeanSF Radio Show, hosted by the editor of AntipodeanSF, Ion Newcombe, aka "Nuke" or "The Jollyfish". Ion selects the best in speculative flash fiction for these shows, with stories often narrated by the authors themselves. 

Listen in weekly to a show devoted to the presentation of flash speculative fiction stories (science fiction, fantasy, and horror).

The AntiSF Radio show also features discussions and panel presentations recorded at various speculative fiction conventions and awards ceremonies.

AntiSF is where speculative flash fiction belongs - downside up!


Apr 22, 2017

G’day and welcome to the AntipodeanSF Radio Show A’Hearn, the first in a new series that is still out there, but scales it down some, yet finds some remarkable objects. A’Hearn is a carbonaceous minor from the inner regions of the asteroid belt, measuring about 6 kilometers across. It was discovered by...

Apr 15, 2017

Hail and rain, and welcome to the AntipodeanSF Radio Show Zwicky 2, the last of the brightest of the great collectives in the observable universe. Hi, I’m Nuke, your host and editor of the AntipodeanSF Radio show and magazine. Most of the stories you hear on this show originally appeared in digital print online...

Apr 8, 2017

Have you heard of the greyline? Well, if not I’ll make no guarantees you’ll find out what it is on this, the AntiSF Radio Show Wolf–Lundmark–Melotte, something of an irregular beast discovered in 1909 by Max Wolf, located on the outer edges of the Local Group. Later, in the mid 1920s, the true nature of...

Apr 1, 2017

Here we are again. Welcome to the AntipodeanSF Radio Show Wild’s Triplet, a mob discovered by Aussie Astronomer John Paul Wild in the early 1950s, comprising three barred spirals connected by luminous bridges, probably the result of some massive gravitational and tidal interactions.

Disturbed, you might say, but...