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Welcome to the AntipodeanSF Radio Show, hosted by the editor of AntipodeanSF, Ion Newcombe, aka "Nuke" or "The Jollyfish". Ion selects the best in speculative flash fiction for these shows, with stories often narrated by the authors themselves. 

Listen in weekly to a show devoted to the presentation of flash speculative fiction stories (science fiction, fantasy, and horror).

The AntiSF Radio show also features discussions and panel presentations recorded at various speculative fiction conventions and awards ceremonies.

AntiSF is where speculative flash fiction belongs - downside up!


Nov 26, 2016

G’day, welcome, hello. I’m Nuke, and this is the AntipodeanSF Radio show Reticulum Dwarf. We’ve had a lot of those lately, and it’s a bit of a strange term really to place on something so darned large. But that’s us humans. Give us distance, and we diminish the target. And our target today is a single story...

Nov 19, 2016

Greeting and solicitation multiplied and multiplexed, this is the AntiSF Radio Show Reinmuth 80, coming at you from 69 million light years distance. Gather up and listen. I’m Nuke, and let’s make it happen with two stories from two Antipodean Authors. Can you hear us?


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AntipodeanSF Radio Show by Ion Newcombe is...

Nov 12, 2016

Not to be outdone, Pisces Dwarf is all alone, although part of our local group, and heading our way at about 300 kilometres per second. Hi, I’m Nuke, and this is the AntipodeanSF Radio Show Pisces Dwarf, delivering three , yes, three flash stories. No more mucking about then. Let’s launch.


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AntipodeanSF Radio Show...

Nov 5, 2016

Hail, rain, shine and welcome. This is the AntipodeanSF radio Show Pisces Cloud, a group that’s so close together that they’re interlacing. Hi, I’m Nuke, host and editor, and that’s exactly what you and I are doing right now. Interlacing. Listening to stories together. Today I urge you not to jump to...