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The AntiSF Radio Show 176

G'day lovers of Speculative Flash Fiction. This is the AntiSF Radio Show, right where it belongs, in audio - all of the best stories, many of them narrated by the authors who created them, all shaken up and stirred with fresh and unusual music that you won't hear on any other radio station in the universe.
But speaking of issues, wasn't there something missing from issue 175 of AntipodeanSF?
Did you Grok it?
Perhaps not. There weren't any stories missing.
Nevertheless, I felt it. The issue had a gaping black hole. Perhaps not a good way to start the new year.
Ever since Issue 121 of AntipodeanSF we've had a fantastic regular book review, every month, barring accidents, from our regular reviewer — Jan Napier. The only thing that ever held Jan back from submitting her monthly "Going Critical" column was when she broke both of her wrists. Ouch.
From Issue 122 onwards "Going Critical" quickly grew into an integral feature of this publication. Jan proved in that first review of "Dancing With Werewolves" that she could deliver on the name of the column that she chose, and continued to do it issue after issue. She lavished praise where it was due, and handed out brickbats when they were required, and she did it with an eloquence and style that often exceeded the merit of the works that she was reading.
Jan, unfortunately, decided late last year that she needed to focus on other things in her life. AntiSF, after all, is a relentless monthly magazine with an ogre of an editor that demands things get up online, on-time.
Let me take this opportunity, in this forum, to thank Jan for her excellent contribution towards the ongoing success of AntipodeanSF. We were all lucky to have the opportunity to read Jan's words. And if we're even luckier, we'll read Jan's words in other publications in future.

Open the windows and let the sun shine (R\xe9gis Turner) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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