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The AntiSF Radio Show 160 Alpha

Welcome Speculative flash fiction lovers to the latest AntiSF Radio Show, painted and splashed as Issue 160 Alpha, which is nowhere near moonbase alpha, and way beyond the year of 1999. This week we present three stories from the pages of this month's online magazine, AntipodeanSF, which you can of course find on the world wide web at <>

Here we are again at story time, so get comfortable and let your mind loose a little. Suspend that disbelief. Three stories this time around. Firstly, we're going a little animal with Jackson Creed, who reads his own iceberg of a tale "Best Friends". Why iceberg? -- well, icebergs are characterised by showing off only a little friendly white part of their awesome bulk, and this tale just happens to remind me of that. Secondly, we'll hear another story about friends, once again narrated by the author himself, Eugene Gramelis, called "Jacob's Ladder". I'll be wanting to borrow that later, folks. I have some heights to scale. Thirdly, and firstly appearing in this very show, is a little pure science fiction tale by a writer who has fond memories of Nambucca Heads. Oh come on, you know where that is by now. "Racing flame" is written and read by Tim White, who is 50 years of age and no-where near 'knowing better'.

The stories this week are wrapped in music by "The Carrier Wave" (attribution below), and you'll hear the October "Bullsheet" Science Fiction News -- thanks to Wendy Palmer -- as well as some noisy beach interviews with "Transvaal Diamond syndicate", and "Gay Paris".

4x4 Acid Stompers (The Carrier Wave) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Open the windows and let the sun shine (R\xe9gis Turner) / CC BY- NC-SA 3.0
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